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I use different kinds of tools and I use them together to make them more effective. I focus on direct work with the customer via individual sessions, bioenergetic and Reiki treatments, healing programs and family constellations workshops.
I’m not a miracle worker and I cannot help effectively without minimum engagement from you. That’s why I call myself a trainer, not a therapist.


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—  Morgan Morgan

“I feel lucky to have met Przemek, a man of experience, frank and down to earth with an incredible sense of perception and a great heart. He will read right through you, even what you didn’t realize yet or didn’t want to admit but always in a way that will let you find out for yourself and speak for yourself which is the only effective way to find and heal the blockages in your life. Both the workshop and the family constellation has been really well directed by Przemek. Przemek is amazing at seeing the energies of others and to coordinate their feelings and the other participants of the group together to get the result wanted, like a chess game or an orchestra maestro, a real piece of art to see and participate with. The private session has been a must before trying workshops and Family Constellation alike as it will help to find out the real reasons beforehand and will definitely boost the healing’s results of the workshops. “