Przemek Dobak
Passionate About Inspiring Others

I use a variety of therapeutic, bioenergetic and other methods to help people, their families, different companies and organizations in healing themselves, their relationships and dealing with the consequences of events and situations that have occurred in their personal and professional lives.
I’m not a miracle worker and I cannot help effectively without minimum engagement from you. That’s why I call myself a trainer, not a therapist.

Sometimes only one session of energy purification and harmonization is enough for healing process. In other situation the healing process involves a series of meetings and participation in group workshops.
Based on several years of searching, seminars, training sessions and meditation, and most all my personal experience, I can provide you with complex help, that I will individually adjust to your needs. Before we start working together, we will decide on all the details and the aims of our cooperation.

You and only you decide on your life quality, no matter how unreal it may seem now. However, often different types of dark powers, your past experience or negative environment around you make it hard for you. That’s why you need other’s help in order to eliminate these challenges effectively.

I use different kinds of tools and I use them together to make them more effective. I focus on direct work with the customer via individual, bioenergetic and Reiki sessions, healing programs and family constellation workshops.
(Constellation workshops are also a useful tool used for optimization of a company functioning, verification and increase in efficiency of workers and their profesional relationships).
Przemek Dobak

Certifications / Qualifications
  • I'm a facilitator of Family / Systemic Constellations.

  • I'm a SRT And Pendulums Practitioner.

  • I'm a Reiki Master.

  • I'm a Reiki Teacher.

  • I'm a Communication Trainer.

Tools / Modalities
  • Family / Systemic Constellations.

  • SRT And Energy Clearing.

  • Reiki Healing.

  • Reiki I, II and Master Certification Course.

  • Direct And Effective Communication.

*(I am not a licensed psychologist, doctor etc. I do not work therapeutically within the meaning of the official definition)