"I have a great respect and admiration for Przemek who is down to earth, empathetic and speaking from lived experience he gets straight to the bottom line. I learn skills in these workshops that are so practical and applicable to my everyday life that really help me in all areas such as decision making and priotising myself above all else. I can arrive and say hello to Przemek and within 2 minutes already have my money's worth and my view on life completely changed, giving me all I could hope for and more. The workshops are challenging, can be exceptionally confronting, but the techniques that Przemek use work in getting straight to the source. Over the past 1.5yrs I value and treasure all advice and guidance given to me from Przemek who genuinely wants to see me succeed, to be at peace in every aspect of my life. After every encounter I leave eagerly awaiting the next."


"Workshops and retreats are for me a great opportunity to have enough time to dig deeper into myself to clean and release what I don't need anymore and make space to reach what I really want in my life right now. My biggest motivation is to break tiring old and repetitive patterns, heavy past experiences, and trauma to free myself from all this unnecessary pain and suffering but also to not pass it on to my children in this insane vicious circle.
Workshops are pretty intense, you will need a lot of courage, it is no social club or holidays, you will scream, cry and get pretty upset sometimes, but you will also feel peaceful, laugh, and feel blissful. We can always count on great support and true understanding from the leader during the difficult processes we are going through. I really value this unique trust and teamwork with the people going through the same search for authenticity. The experience is both difficult and beautiful beyond description, you will break your limitations and regain every time a piece of yourself by venturing out of your comfort zone, in the unknown, in life.
Every time, I feel that being in close contact with nature in such retreats teaches me as much as the exercises and processes experienced during the workshops. During the breaks and walks in the forest you really feel a great connection, get signs and inspiration to further release and heal but also to regain energy to continue your journey. I have yet to find a better way to use money, time, and energy... it is definitely worth it! I feel grateful."


"After having participated at several Systemic Constellation workshops over the past 2 years, I can highly recommend Przemek Dobak and the workshops he organizes.

These workshops are always very well-organized, the atmosphere is kind and humourous, yet dedicated and respectful and my experience is that they are a safe space for personal development and healing. Przemek is very perceptive and has many years of experience with energy work which is apparent while working with him."


"For 28 years, I played different roles and put on different masks. What's worse, I wasn't even aware of it. Since I have been working with Przemek, I have come to know myself as I am, and I feel that I finally have a choice. I have been taking part in the workshops for two years. And even though I am always afraid and doubtful before the workshop, I look for excuses why I could not go, I go anyway because it works. Each workshop is different because, at each workshop, I get to know different mirrors, thanks to whom I get a chance to see what I avoid seeing in everyday life. I usually close myself in my computer, in my smartphone, in my plans. And during the workshops, I open myself up to the here and now - I dance, cry, scream, and collapse only to get up stronger and more conscious. Przemek spreads an atmosphere of safety, thanks to which I gradually lower my shields. It is thanks to him and the group that he leads that I am able to feel what is inside me and what I truly want. I do want to feel, I do want to learn to be myself, and that is why I go to the workshops. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity."


"I have worked with Przemek for a few years. What a journey it has been!
When I came to Przemek the first time, I was a boy. I was afraid. I lacked trust in myself and the universe. I had problems with intimacy. Przemek saw right through me. He intuitively knows what you are going through even if you do not know it yourself. He is very direct and will cut through to the essence of a problem in no time. Since then, I have participated in several Systemic Constellation workshops. It has truly changed my life. The workshops are a great opportunity to step out of everyday life and focus on the inner work of the soul. Workshops are always masterly organized in beautiful and special locations. Przemek provides a safe space, where you can face your demons and challenge your boundaries. It is no easy task and requires a great effort on your part as well as the team. However, the rewards are tremendous. I have grown up, I am now a man. I still get afraid, but I have the courage to face my fears. I trust and find that the universe provides abundantly. I am closer to myself and have found a greater intimacy in everyday life, with my friends and family.
I am deeply grateful to Przemek and to have the opportunity to work with a master of his craft."