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Bert Hellinger - from the responses to letters series

This third solution seems to be the most common. Unfortunately, it is only partially executed, because when you give up your grievances and claims against your partner, what is left is a naked reality, and this is not easy to accept. If you could afford the first option, the problem would solve itself. So perhaps it is better, and certainly healthier, to take the second option, leave your partner and live on your own, leaving him his own life?

"I get the feeling that you are leaving marriage.

Many of your spiritual external contacts are side relationships, even if partially deeply hidden.

There are three solutions:

You will stay with your husband with all the consequences that come with it, most of all a willingness to give.

You will part, with all the consequences that come with it, including the willingness to take care of yourself.

You will consciously agree to the current situation, recognizing that you use your husband to some extent and you will let go of your grievances against him.

It seems to me that the last solution offers the most. You can reject what I wrote, but only provided that you are in agreement with your deepest beliefs or at least you take a closer look at your situation.


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