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Invite your Partner to your secret garden...

What can I do so a relationship develops harmoniously? I can invite a partner to my interior. Just as a close friend is invited to a secret garden. Where, with trust I will show her / him all the secret corners, beloved plants and completely unsuccessful ideas. I will open up to her / him the fruits of my fears and worries, I will show blocks which, despite diligent care of the paths, I cannot remove, but also those of which I am proud. There is only one, specific condition for the invitation to be accepted and the visit to be fruitful. I have to do it honestly, without expectations. I have to agree that my garden may scare her / him, that she / he will criticize something, suggest other plants, and maybe even run away. Whatever the outcome, I will gain something priceless for the relationship - trust. And maybe someday, based on this trust I will get an invitation to her / his garden. Only on such a solid base of consciousness of our separate worlds can we hope that our common life, our common garden will grow harmoniously, despite the weeds, the effort of constant care and protection against pests and harsh weather. On this special day, I wish you all the courage to open the gates to your own intimate world, I wish you trust in the high value of your own interior, however difficult it would be to show it.


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