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Master and pupil

On the path of self-development and searching for ourselves we meet many teachers and healers. The vast majority of them will disappoint us after getting to know them better. They turn out to be untrustworthy, full of human weaknesses, they drink, smoke, abuse their position of authority for sexual gain, they are greedy for money. Above all their attitude denies openness, empathy, understanding and the unconditional willingness to help those who need it. They become infallible, a mixture of gurus, priest and incarnation of the Supreme. They believe in their mission and look with pity on those who ask, seek, doubt. After all, they have all the answers.

Despite everything, it is worth it, from time to time to stay in the company of such people, at least to learn not to make their mistakes, because in each of us, whether we are conscious of it or not, there is a desire to be such a guru – someone who knows the answer to every question – an undisputed authority. There are many factors that will help to recognize real, trustworthy guides or teachers.

I am primarily guided by three factors. First of all, does my teacher have a teacher, a kind of supervisor? Secondly, whether he has a harmoniously settled personal life. Thirdly, if he has the courage to admit that he does not know something in important public matters. And finally, one thing must be remembered, the more difficult tasks a teacher puts before us, the greater is his respect for us. However, the greater the difficulty, the easier it is to focus on the imperfections of the teacher instead of the content that he gives us.


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