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Secrets in Relationships

A relationship of two is made up of two people who are completely distinct from each other. It is this distinctiveness that is the condition for a successful relationship. To give with love, we must have access to and derive from the source. This source is my "I". It is from this part that I give up to our "We". In the "I" of each of us, there are things that we want to and should share with a partner. There are also things, that will forever remain a secret, because sharing them would hurt the partner and burden the relationship. For example, the secret for a partner must be the intimate details of our earlier relationships. "We will tell each other everything, never any secrets" is a romantic, impossible to implement and therefore very harmful, naive declaration. In the history of our parents and entire families, there are many secrets that cast a shadow over the entire family system. Through Systemic Constellations, we can "remove" the burden of these secrets from individual family members. However, we can only do this if we keep profound respect for the fate of individuals and entire family systems. Under no circumstances should we run inquisitive investigations. At the workshops in Tranekær, we worked intensively and effectively to free ourselves of burdens and to seek healing solutions. We derived energy directly from the source, which can be seen in the not very successful, but vivid photos...


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