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Sweet laziness

The pressure of time, events and expectations of our surroundings are difficult to withstand. Regardless of what it relates to. Work, relationship or personal development. When we succumb to the pressure, and the poisonous "I must", "I should", "I feel obliged", etc. creep in, then we need to let go. Leave everything, no matter how important it is, and just let go. For a few hours, maybe even a few days, just do nothing. Take care of yourself in a possibly non-invasive way. Which means no exercises, meditations or learning. To lie on the grass or in a hammock and count clouds in the sky, or to play with the dog. To watch a light movie or to buy a cool toy. But above all, to do nothing. To devote to sweet laziness completely. If we do it authentically, all "I must", "I should" etc., drops away. All that's left is what I really want.


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