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Through our dreams to our reality

Updated: May 22, 2019

Each of us is dreaming. Whether we want to not, we dream. We spend one-third of our lives doing it and we cannot understand what our dreams mean. You could say that one third of our life remains in total unconsciousness.

If this intrigues us more, we reach for the dream dictionaries, go to the fortune-teller or clairvoyant. We get a patchwork of information, depending on the different interpretations. filtered by our own expectations we try to place this information in our everyday life.

There is also another way, the way of ignoring the dreams. We recognize that they are a collection of fantasies and there is nothing significant about them.

Then there is the path we propose which derives from the academic Transactional Analysis of dreams - a method of interpreting dreams in a way that gives reliable information about what is really happening inside: what processes take place in my subconsciousness? why do I have nightmares, not erotic dreams or vice versa?

In my many years’ experience, based on many years of contact with Transactional Analysis, Systemic Constellations and Shamanism, a method has been developed that answers key questions: what we dream about, why we dream about it and how can we use this information in our everyday life. Above all, we can gain an authentic knowledge about our interior, free from manipulation.


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