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To have it all is not for everyone

To have it all is not for everyone. Although available and achievable, it is not for everyone.

If an exceptionally gifted girl chooses a career as a saleswoman and a talented boy decides to be a courier (with all due respect for these professions), this is their business, their free choice.

Similarly in adult life when we already have a job, a family, or at least we can see it coming, we can stop at that. And in most cases, that's what we do. It is true that we often miss something in life, but we do not even try to make an effort to find out what it is exactly.

With petty jealousies we look at people who achieve their far-reaching objectives, ask difficult questions and find answers to them. People who are alone for many years but when they make a relationship, it is complete, for a lifetime. Subdued by our somewhat boring everyday life, we pretend, mostly to ourselves, to be happy with life according to the truth that not everything is for everyone.

Because unfortunately, to live a little more, to experience a little more, we have to get out of our comfort zone, suffer the pain of a difficult question and experience the discomfort of a sincere response. It's very difficult but only this way can get closer to the privileged ones, who have everything, whatever that means.


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