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Uncertain present times

The present times can be summarized in one word - uncertainty. Practically, this is what accompanies all areas of life - uncertainty. We do not know whether we will be able to go on vacation, visit family or even go for a walk. We do not know if a warm greeting with a loved one will end in the hospital. Restrictions and limitations are gradually being lifted in parts of Europe. We welcome it with relief and uncertainty - will the virus will explode with even greater force?

This situation raises frustration. What we are most afraid of is precisely uncertainty. We need comfort; something to rely on despite the uncertainty of everyday life.

The time of Pandemic shows how important trust is and isolating from others gives you more opportunities to build it. Trust breeds courage. The courage to protect yourself and your loved ones, the courage to say "no" to everyone who wants to violate our boundaries.

When the Pandemic finally passes, trust and courage will remain in us, provided that we used this time to build them.


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