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Some think they are seeking their own soul's truth but the greater Soul is thinking and seeking through them.

- Bert Hellinger

systemic constellation
with elements of shamanism


I cordially invite all of you, who are in need of meeting their inner selves and realities, to join Bert Hellinger’s Systemic Constellation workshops. We will not only remove the blockages, but we will also see what their source is. We will work on how to practically introduce changes that we need so much to live fully.

The workshops are primarily dedicated to those, who wish to:

- find peace and harmony in their lives

- improve their personal and family relationships

- heal their professional relationships

- make their work more efficient and profitable

- improve their health, mental and spiritual condition

- identify sources of their problems and find a way to get rid of them

In a safe and stable environment, you will have an opportunity to get closer to yourself and to find out about your personal limitations. Thanks to Systemic Constellation we are given an insight into our ancestors’ fate, in which more often than not lies the source of our current troubles. Systemic work includes history of entire families and ancestries. Bert Hellinger - the creator of the Family Constellation method believes that what causes most diseases is the unresolved problems in the family. Suffering, that accompany the disease, appear as a consequence of the lack of order in the family system - the condition for recovery is to introduce a specific order to the system. By ordering the system we begin to distinguish what belongs to the past from what is present. A constellator accompanies us throughout this process, providing help in formulating questions and finding solutions.

The main advantage of this method is an occasion to heal the whole family systems, personal relationships, companies and organisations without necessity of personal involvement on the part of all persons concerned. Both a client and his or her family system factually take part in the constellations though their representatives – and the same goes for companies, public organisations and so on.


During constellations, we learn to follow the healthiest signals that are imprinted in our bodies. Our intellect is useless. Once we stop thinking and start to listen and feel, we will find the solution to our problems and strength to follow it!

What does it look like?

Constellations usually last two days. It is a group workshop, consisting of consecutive constellations.


Each constellation proceeds according to the following scheme:
- After a brief interview that enables a client to identify the real problem, the constellator decides what persons (family members, former or current partners etc.) or/and aspects (love, anger, life etc.) are needed within this very constellation.


- The client chooses representatives of the above mentioned people and/or aspects from among the workshop’s participants. He/she selects also the representative of his/herself. The so called “Knowing Field” is what makes representing possible. The Knowing Field is manifest through feelings, impulses and thoughts that come to the representatives during constellation; they embody phenomena of the relationships that occur within the client’s system. Each person selected can deny representing, if he/she feels that he/she should not represent this very person or aspect.


- During the constellation the constellator carefully observes body language and reactions of the representatives, seeking to find balancing and healing moves. He can move a representative from one place to another, watching his/her reaction to such a move. He can also suggest the representatives or the client (if he/she represents him/herself in the constellation) to say some words or assume certain positions (e.g. kneeling or laying).


- The constellation ends when all the representatives feel that they are exactly where they should be, with no more need to change position or move. The image of a solution has a healing effect in itself.


A solution seeking process can take a couple of minutes or more than one hour, depending on the process’ dynamics.


You can take part in the constellations as an active participant or as an active observer.


- Active participant takes part in constellations in order to work on the problem he or she came with. The client may be aware of its nature from the very beginning, but it is also possible that the problem will only be specified during an interview prior to his/her constellation or during an individual session with the constellator before the workshops. The sessions, though not obligatory, is nonetheless much recommended, because it happens very often that the case we come with is but a part, a surface of something more complex, that needs yet to be found and elaborated on. What we perceive as a problem can sometimes be also just a smokescreen, which covers the real problem. To find the difference between these two belongs to the primary goals of the constellations.
An active participant is given one constellation, dedicated to him/herself (it is sometimes two shorter constellations). He/she also takes part in the other people’s constellations. Both these activities are of equal importance, because our individual work is by no means limited to our own constellations. By taking part in the others’ constellations as representatives we not only help them heal theirs systems, but we also heal our own system. Sometimes this is when we profit the most.


- Active observer takes part in the other people’s constellations as a representative. He/she enjoys an opportunity to get more familiar with the method without constellating his/her own specific problems. It does not mean, however, that an active observer participates only half way in the workshops: by taking part in the healing of the others’ systems, he/she is simultaneously healing also his/her own system.


In order to catch a breath, drink a cup of tea and so on, there are short breaks between consecutive constellations. Each day there is also a longer lunch break, app. 1,5 h long.


The key to the successful constellations are the following two: honest openness and humility, and this is encouraged in all the participants. In exchange the constellator guarantee his attentiveness, absolute safety and, if participant permits, a chance to solve his/her problems.


When we look at our parents, then we see that behind them there are their parents, and behind their parents there are other parents, and so on through many generations. The same life flows through all of them until it reaches us

- Bert Hellinger


Schedule of Systemic Constellation, workshops,
and individual sessions

Systemic Constellation take place once every month in Copenhagen and last 1 day. Dates of the future constellation workshops:







Individual sessions in Copenhagen will take place once every month on the following dates:

16.11.2023 - 19.11.2023

07.12.2023 - 10.12.2023

05.01.2024 - 07.01.2024
08.02.2024 - 11.02.2024
07.03.2024 - 10.03.2024
11.04.2024 - 14.04.2024

16.05.2024 - 19.05.2024
13.06.2024 - 16.06.2024
11.07.2024 - 14.07.2024
08.08.2024 - 11.08.2024

12.09.2024 - 15.09.2024
10.10.2024 - 13.10.2024
07.11.2024 - 10.11.2024
06.12.2024 - 08.12.2024

Moreover, there will be several workshops that will last a few days:
New Year’s: ​28.12.2023 - 01.01.2024

New Year’s: ​28.12.2024 - 01.01.2025

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