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Energy Clearing

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Prices Vary
  • Location: Berlin and Copenhagen

Service Description

There are things in our everyday life that cannot be explained in any rational way. Our relationships crumble, we meet with accidents, fall victims to abuses or crimes. We assume that we have bad luck, that it must be this way. Thanks to the correctly conducted energy cleansing and to the unblocking of the life energy flow we will feel stronger, our vitality will flourish, and we will find ourselves in favorable circumstances in the world. This will improve not only our quality of life, but also that of those closest to us and of our surroundings. Energy cleansing consists in erasing and/or transforming negative programs, such as: CLEANSING OF PEOPLE AND OBJECTS - disharmonious energies cleansing - cleansing and regenerating of aura - cleansing and synchronising of chakras - curses removal and cleansing - cleansing of disharmonious patterns, archetypes, programs and blockades - cleansing and cutting off energetic connections with other people - cleansing and cutting off energetic connections with immaterial beings - leading souls, spiritual and energetic beings away - erasing of astral tracks, sorcery, enchantments and magic - revoking and cleansing of obligations (oaths, vows, pledges, contracts) - cleansing and energising personal belongings, such as jewellery, talismans, and so on CLEANSING OF FLATS, HOUSES, ESTATES - cleansing and erasing of negative and disharmonious energies - cleansing of demonic and dark energies - installing of protective screens and dams Sometimes a single meeting, energy cleansing and harmonizing is enough, and sometimes a series of meetings and/or participation in group workshops is required. An active involvement on your part is necessary for the effectiveness of the process.

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