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A strong partner...

In short, a woman enters a relationship with a dominant man (or a man with a dominant woman), so that he/she limits her/his activity, thus protecting against situations that she/he is afraid of. If all this operation was honest, the protected person could express gratitude to the protecting person for this favour. However, usually it's exactly the opposite, a protected person benefits from complaining about the restrictions imposed on her/him, which often leads to the breakdown of the relationship and guilt for the protecting person. This kind of game, pulling your partner into an unwanted role is often run by people who have a problem with their identity and sexual identification. They consciously use their partner, at the same time denying her/him the gratitude and respect they are owed for the hardships of protection and care. Often, such a protected person refuses the exchange of roles when the need arises - lacking empathy and escaping from guilt they leave the relationship. That is why it is so important at the early stage of the relationship to recognize roles in the game played by partners.


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