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Bring light into your life

Updated: May 22, 2019

Any action is only worthwhile if it is concluded. Otherwise, our life energy, even if we direct it to important matters and positive goals, is simply wasted.

In man's nature lies impatience and the desire to return "to normality" at any cost. Our ego is afraid of any changes and will do whatever it takes not to change anything. This is why we stop taking the prescribed amount of medicine as soon as we feel better, we drive like racers a week after receiving a driving license, or ski down without warming up. After one lesson / workshop, we immediately start to teach others and we get down to explaining processes while barely understanding the basics. The results at best are misguided, sometimes disastrous.

That is why, although we do not like rules and principles so much, it is sometimes worth making an exception and continuing what we started. This applies especially when it is difficult and tedious, when it seems that we already know and understand everything, because, as a wise man said, "only that, which you have to pay a lot for has real value and is truly important in a person's life". In the recovery process and in finding the way to yourself there are no shortcuts. Each process requires time and active involvement for its effectiveness and it cannot be accelerated in any way."


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