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I cannot give someone something I don't own.

If I have unfinished business, I feel weak, entangled in problems, I often feel a great desire to get rid of this burden. It feels best if I transfer it consciously or not to someone else. How to do it? Very easy. It is enough to assume the mantle of affection and compassion, then find someone who has just undergone or is undergoing a difficult, painful process, confronted himself/herself with the source of their problem and painfully, overcoming their own blocks and burdens, is seeking solutions. And then start to comfort such a person; hug, coddle, give advice... In this way I put myself in the light of caring and understanding, I move my own problems away, I feel better, more noble, stronger - temporarily free from my own problems. With such action we weaken a person who, perhaps, will never again have the courage to confront the source of own problems and, although he/she will keep his/her life, will be dead inside. This is not our problem anymore, after all, we meant well and our intentions were clean.

Each of us has inside such a thoughtless comforter, thinking only about himself. Therefore, each of us has a responsibility to consider whether our help, comfort, advice or hugging will bring more harm than good. Therefore, each of us has a duty to leave space to a suffering person. And none of us are allowed to usurp the right to push with our advice, comfort, etc. into the soul and heart of another person. Nobody!


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