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Role of a teacher, leader, master,

A teacher, leader, master, or therapist is the one to show the interested ones, or simply clients, the right way to free themselves from blockages and problems, to reach the top of their spiritual, intellectual, or professional abilities.

However, just as there are many masters - therapists, there are many ways to the top. Willigis Jäger described it beautifully in his book "Mysticism for modern times" in which he clearly expressed how many paths there are to the same peak.

The role of the therapist is not to teach how the client should live, with whom they should get in relationships, and with whom they should end them. Like any conscious teacher, he knows, that the client will reject some of his suggestions, or all of them, and choose their own path.

This is the reason why so many people repeatedly participate in individual sessions, constellations, and workshops. Some leave after the first meeting, others stay for years, others come when something important happens. And that's perfectly fine.

I am for you as I am and I will not be different. In my work, I try to give everyone what they need. Like a normal person, I am happy when you succeed, and I am sorry when you fail. After all, you know that I am not a professional, so I can personally get involved in your affairs (of course no further than you wish).

That is why I will be at your disposal as much as I can, hoping that there will be more successes than failures.

Sessions, constellations, and then workshops are coming up. The time of immense possibility for internal transformation is approaching. I am and I will be where I should be. To what extent you will benefit from it, is your choice, that is completely accepted by me.


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